How do I put it on? Do I put on the mask or Salva first?

Salva must be placed first before attaching the mask.


One of the main ideas when conceiving the product was to improve comfort to increase the use of the mask, but also reduce the risk of handling. Unlike other ear savers and straps, Salva allows you to place you mask without having to touch the front of it, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Is Salva compatible with all types of masks?

Salva is designed to be worn with masks that are fastened by loops and go over and around the ears. When wearing hygienic and surgical masks (specially the FFP2, FFP3 or similar) with Salva, an improvement on comfort and safety is noticeable after several hours of use.


Can it be used with several masks at the same time?

Yes. We know that many professionals use the FFP2, FFP3 or similar with a surgical mask overlay, so we designed a support which fits the elastic bands of both masks togheter.


Is it reusable?

Yes. One of the motivations that led us to create Salva was the amount of waste that the pandemic was generating. We believed it was possible to create a reusable product that could support the demands of professionals whilst providing comfort and security.


Can it be disinfected?

Salva is entirely made of polypropylene (PP), with excellent chemical resistance so it is easily disinfected in alcohol.




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A product patented by the Spanish startup Salva

A product made in Spain by
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